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Why You Need A Professional On Your Team When Buying A Home

Shelley Berendt

Specialties:Buyer's Agent,Listing Agent,Relocation,StagingI am a Realtor. Wife. Soccer Mom. Military Mom. Book Lover...

Specialties:Buyer's Agent,Listing Agent,Relocation,StagingI am a Realtor. Wife. Soccer Mom. Military Mom. Book Lover...

Jan 2 3 minutes read

Many people wonder whether they should hire a Real Estate Professional to assist them in buying a home or if they should first try to do it on their own. I've run into a few folks who flat out think a Buyer's Agent is unnecessary.  In today’s market: you need an EXPERIENCED professional! And here's why.

1. You need an expert guide for dangers unseen & unknown.

The field of real estate is loaded with landmines; bumps and twists, you need an expert to guide you through, and as much as possible, help you to avoid the dangerous pitfalls that currently exist. Finding a home that is priced appropriately and is ready for you to move into can be tricky. For some, that is the easy part, but most don't realize everything it takes to get that perfect home to close! Those of us who do this every day will be know the next step. Buying a home with a Team who has what you WANT at the TOP of their priority list is a no brainer.

Your All Star team needs a Full Time Experienced Realtor,  a lender who communicates well, and licensed inspectors and contractors who are known for quality and honest work.  The goal of each individual on YOUR team should be to get the home you have chosen to the closing table.  Build the right team.  I can help.

2. You need a skilled negotiator.

Like I said, finding the home is not always the hardest part, and if you think the negotiating stops once you agree on a price, then you are mistaken.  In today’s market, hiring a talented negotiator could save you thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of dollars. Each step of the way – from the original offer to the possible renegotiation of that offer after a home inspection, to the possible cancellation of the deal based on a troubled appraisal – you need someone who can keep the deal together until it closes.

3. Bottom line.

Famous sayings become famous because they are true. You get what you pay for. Just like a good accountant or a good attorney, a good agent will save you money…not cost you money.

Choosing a Buyer's Agent removes some of the risk of buying a home.  Some.  Not all.  Reach out to me and let me show you how I walk, guide and assist you through the entire bumpy process of buying your next home.  It can be your first, second, third or your last home. Buying a home, for many people is the single largest investment they make, so don't go at it alone.  I work with you until you find what you want and ultimately Find Yourself At Home.


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